The Advance Innovation
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The only network where business leaders  can assimilate new ideas, build out multimillion dollar referral systems, engage in elevated business conversations, and elevate together.

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The problem with most networking

Communities is one of two things…


They are low energy, low value. Many times the gatherings lack inspiration, directionality and impact. We have all had this experience leaving us disenchanted and disappointed.


They are NOT filled with world changing, thought leaders and industry disruptors actually moving the needle to create results. Many times the people showing up are not the people you want to network with.

This leads to a bunch of run of the mill conversations and a huge waste of time never really amounting to RESULTS and growth for your business or career.

That’s not what we are about.

The Advance Innovation Network

Our community is built on the idea that if we curate a group of people that exude excellence, and lead with integrity, we can in fact, make a REAL impact on culture, the world, and our own futures.

No truly successful person is self-made. Everyone who has ever accomplished anything exceptional has done so with the help of other brilliant people who understood the vision and locked arms to make that vision happen.

That’s what the Advance Innovation Society is all about.

Relational networking and innovative community conversations.

Our year long membership is for entrepreneurs running businesses over $250k into the 10’s of millions in annual revenue or corporate leaders at the SVP level or above.

You should apply to join us if you:

  •  Are looking for stimulating business conversation that is NOT transactional, boring, or basic.
  • Want to build referral partnerships that lead to millions in sales, without feeling that transactional ick factor.
  • Are ready to both learn from and share your expertise with a variety of business leaders in all different sectors of the business world.
  • Want collaboration opportunities to increase visibility for your brand and business.
  • Want to learn from cutting edge business leaders.

Your membership includes:

  • Monthly local meet-ups in South Florida (with new local chapters opening across the US each month).
  • Bi-monthly collaboration and virtual networking opportunities where you can connect with other members in order to build lasting relationships.
  • Monthly expert masterclass taught by revolutionary leaders on topics like: personal branding, PR, wealth management, and leadership.
  • A community only FB group for networking.Member led-community shares.
  • Discounts to business events led by our founders.
  • Opportunities to attend pop-up regional gatherings with members in your local community.
  •  This community is not for people looking to take more than they give.
  • This isn’t about an immediate, “I need business now” transactional type of networking. We don’t do desperation, poaching or pitching. We are about value and relationships.
  • This isn’t for people who aren’t all-in on their career or business. If you are new, just dabbling, or not fully invested, this isn’t the community for you!

The Advance Innovation Network is for the next generation of world changing, impact making, trail blazers who want to be inspired by other brilliant leaders across the globe, while making millions.

The process:

If you are ready to join the ranks of The Advance Innovation Network:


Fill Out This Application Form


Wait for an email to be notified whether or not you’ve been


If accepted, you will receive steps to get registered and onboarded

The Advance Innovation Society is right for you if:

  • You are a seasoned entrepreneur, running one or more companies over $250k (up to 10s of millions) in annual revenue.
  • You are a leader in your corporation with massive goals for growth. You make decisions, you drive growth, you lead a team.
  • You are an expert at what you do. You are generous with your brilliance. You are ready to give
  • You aren’t desperate for leads, connections, sales, or opportunities. You are ready to build REAL relationships.
  • You are looking for a community to elevate with. You want to be surrounded by high achieving people who just “get it”.
  • You are ready to innovate and disrupt…yourself, your company, your life!

Our application vetting process is designed to keep only the highest quality of candidates in the community. Many are turned away. Please be thorough in your answers, and honest with where you currently are in your business or career.

The investment for the full year, with all three events included is $5000.
Please only apply if this is an investment you are willing to make!

What Innovators are Saying

Your investment for the full year is $5000. We can break this up into monthly installments for the year long membership at $450/month.