Innovation Society

A Private Network for The Top 1% of Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Leaders

Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Founders, Industry and Thought Leaders….The Advance is where you go to find your people.

Our Hybrid Model of Virtual and Local Chapters is the most effective way to build a strategic collaborative network based on elevated conversations and meaningful connections.



This isn’t a transactional networking community where greedy lead seekers scour around for their next sale. This is a community built on reciprocity, giving, and real relationships.


This network is made for people who excel at what they do. They operate with integrity. They keep their word. They do business the right way.


This isn’t a community of clones, copying one another. This is a community of unique individuals willing to buck the status quo in order to lead with excellence, while shaking things up.


Our business leaders understand the impact significant wealth and success can make when used well. They are committed to pursuing the greater good and giving back.


It’s time to break out of the Zoom square and build meaningful business relationships. If you are craving in-person masterminding, this is for you!





The Advance Society was Created for:

  • Entrepreneurs who run businesses over $500k in annual revenue Business Leaders at the SVP or Higher level in their companies.
  • Business Leaders at the SVP or higher level in their companies.
  • Our members are all over the world and come from a variety of industries and backgrounds.
  • Those who qualify and are ready to commit to innovation circles and local meetups.

Our members come from all over the world and from various industries and backgrounds. However, they are all committed to giving as much as they take, rising above their competitors, and making a massive difference in the world.

What Innovators are Saying


> We turned the launch model on its head and became the first female led company, and category of one in the launching space, despite this spot being dominated by the same people, for years.

> We shocked the coaching world by reversing the obsessive focus on automation and technology focused course culture and replaced it with the first ever accountability led coaching company, skyrocketing us from 7 to 8 figures in less than one year.

>We led the revolt against “the copycat culture” on social media, and designed the Conviction Marketing Method to rage against the compromised, dumbed down way online entrepreneurs were being taught to market online. The book, and it’s subsequent programs and agency, grew close to 7 figures in year one.